High SUGAR Food List

Food Name Sugar content in grams

Sesame Crunch (Sahadi) 31.2

Breakfast bar, date, with yogurt coating 31.2

Sugar (brown) and water syrup 31.2

Meal replacement bar 31.1

Crackers, graham 31.1

Cake, white, pudding-type mix (oil, egg whites, and water added to dry mix), without icing 31.0

Muesli with raisins, dates, and almonds 31.0

Berry Berry Kix 31.0

Cake, lemon, lowfat, without icing 31.0

Ice cream bar or stick, chocolate ice cream, chocolate covered 30.9

Raisin bran 30.9

Honey Nut Clusters (formerly called Clusters) 30.9

Cookie, pizzelle (Italian style wafer) 30.9

Pie, cherry, made with cream cheese and sour cream 30.8

Cookie, carob 30.8

Milk, condensed, sweetened, diluted 30.7

Cookie, rich, all chocolate, with chocolate filling or chocolate chips 30.7

Cookie, rich, chocolate chip, with chocolate filling 30.7

Cookie, marshmallow and peanut butter, with oat cereal (no-bake) 30.6

Cake, white, without icing 30.4

Cake, cupcake, not chocolate, without icing or filling 30.3

Cake, shortcake, sponge type, with whipped cream and fruit 30.3

Cake, yellow, standard-type mix (eggs and water added to dry mix), without icing 30.3

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