High SUGAR Food List

Food Name Sugar content in grams

Sugar substitute, low-calorie, powdered 82.9

Honey 82.1

Sugar substitute, aspartame-based, dry powder 80.7

Fruit peel, candied 80.6

Butterscotch hard candy 80.5

Sucralose-based sweetener, sugar substitute 80.3

Fudge, vanilla 79.8

Icing, white 78.0

Fondant, chocolate covered 76.7

Skittles 76.0

Candy 75.9

Mango, dried 75.2

Sorghum syrup 74.9

Fudge, brown sugar (penuche) 74.7

Pralines 74.7

Whey, sweet, dry 74.5

Nougat, chocolate covered 74.4

Fudge, chocolate 73.8

Icing, chocolate 73.5

Cream substitute, light, powdered 73.4

Coconut candy, Puerto Rican style 73.4

Meringues 73.1

Marshmallow, candy-coated 72.7

Cocoa (or chocolate) with dry milk and sugar, dry mix, not reconstituted 72.3

Guava paste 71.7

Sweetpotato paste 71.7

Milk, malted, dry mix, unfortified, not reconstituted, chocolate 71.4

Fudge, vanilla, with nuts 71.0

Cookie, macaroon, coconut-meringue type, no flour 70.7

Chocolate, instant, dry mix, fortified with vitamins and minerals, not reconstituted 70.6

Milk, malted, dry mix, fortified, not reconstituted, chocolate 70.6

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This is a unique food list: Sugar content of foods sorted from high to low!
Sugar value (in grams) is per 100 grams of food weight. To find sugar content for other foods, please use our superbly convenient online searchable sugar database which lets you browse sugar values by food categories, search by food name, etc.