High SUGAR Food List

Foods Highest in Sugar

Food Name Sugar content in grams

Sugar 99.9

Sugar, white, granulated or lump 99.9

Sugar substitute, sugar-aspartame blend, dry powder 99.7

Sugar, white, confectioner's, powdered 97.9

Sugar, raw 96.2

Sugar, brown 96.2

Sugar, carmelized 96.2

Milk beverage, powder, dry mix, not reconstituted, flavors other than chocolate 95.5

Fruit-flavored concentrate, dry powder, with sugar and vitamin C added 95.2

Fruit-flavored thirst quencher beverage, dry concentrate, not reconstituted 95.2

Chinese preserved sweet vegetable 95.0

Sugar, cinnamon 93.6

Dietetic or low calorie mints 93.0

Dietetic or low calorie hard candy 93.0

Dietetic or low calorie candy 93.0

Fructose sweetener, sugar substitute, dry powder 92.7

Tang, dry concentrate 92.3

Fondant 88.9

Milk beverage with sugar, dry milk, and egg white powder, dry mix, not reconstituted 88.0

Cookie, meringue 87.7

Tea, powdered instant, sweetened, dry 86.3

Gelatin powder, sweetened, dry 86.0

Sugar substitute, saccharin-based, dry powder and tablets 85.2

Sugar replacement, saccharin-based, dry powder 85.2

Brown sugar replacement, saccharin-based, dry powder 85.2

Sugar, maple 84.9

Pineapple candy, Puerto Rican style 83.8

Nougat, plain 83.3

Cocoa (or chocolate) flavored beverage powder with sugar, dry mix, not reconstituted 83.1

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