SODIUM Food Sources

Food Name Sodium in mg per 100g of food

Bacon, cooked 2310

Turkey bacon, cooked 2285

Beef, bacon, formed, lean meat added, cooked 2253

Beef, bacon, cooked 2253

Pork jerky 2213

Beef jerky 2213

Oyster-flavored sauce 2170

Pork bacon, formed, lean meat added, cooked 2099

Tomatoes, red, dried 2095

Salami, dry or hard 2010

Shrimp, dried 1967

Stewed codfish, Puerto Rican style 1844

Pork skin, rinds, deep-fried 1838

Stewed dried beef, Puerto Rican style (Tasajo guisado, carne cecina guisada) 1813

Cod, dried, salted, salt removed in water 1804

Pepperoni 1788

Teriyaki sauce, reduced sodium 1778

Bacon bits, meatless 1770

Papad (Indian appetizer), grilled or broiled 1745

Salad dressing, low calorie, oil-free 1709

Herring, dried, salted 1700

Miso sauce 1674

Eggplant, pickled 1674

Italian dressing, made with vinegar and oil 1654

Hoisin sauce 1615

Blue or roquefort cheese dressing, reduced calorie 1610

Chicken burritos (diet frozen meal) 1605

Cheese, Parmesan, hard 1602

Coleslaw dressing, reduced calorie 1600

Cheese, processed cheese product, American or Cheddar type, reduced fat 1587

Pickled sausage 1586

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This is a unique food list: The top 400 foods highest in Sodium! The saltiest foods. Those not recommended for lowering high blood pressure.
Sodium value (in milligrams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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