SELENIUM Rich Food List

Food Name Selenium

Turkey breakfast sausage, bulk 32.4

Crispbread, wheat or rye, extra crispy 32.3

Bagel, wheat bran 32.3

Turkey ham 32.2

Bread, multigrain, toasted 32.1

Egg, whole, baked, fat added in cooking 32.1

Egg, whole, baked 32.1

Turkey, light or dark meat, stewed 32.1

Turkey, light meat, breaded, baked or fried, skin not eaten 32.1

Turkey light or dark meat, stewed, skin eaten 32.1

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This is a unique food list: Selenium content of foods sorted from high to low!
Selenium value (in microgram) is per 100 grams of food weight. To find selenium content for other foods, please use our superbly convenient online searchable selenium food database which lets you browse selenium values by food categories, search by food name, etc.