SELENIUM Rich Food List

Selenium Rich Foods

Food Name Selenium

Brazil nuts 1917.0

Mixed nuts, in shell 578.0

Nuts, chocolate covered, not almonds or peanuts 502.4

Mixed nuts, roasted, without peanuts 421.5

Mixed nuts 421.3

Mixed nuts, roasted, with peanuts 421.2

Mixed nuts, honey-roasted, with peanuts 366.6

Squid, dried 169.8

Octopus, dried 169.8

Kidney, cooked 166.6

Fish, dried 147.8

Cod, dried, salted 147.8

Chicken skin 135.9

Wheat, puffed, plain 123.1

Malt-O-Meal Puffed Wheat 123.1

Puffed wheat cake 121.5

Shrimp, dried 120.3

Oysters, smoked 102.6

Chocolate, milk, with nuts, not almond or peanuts 100.3

Herring, dried, salted 97.4

Chicken liver, fried 90.5

Octopus, dried, boiled 89.3

Mussels, steamed or poached 88.9

Snails, steamed or poached 88.9

Abalone, steamed or poached 88.9

Octopus, steamed 88.9

Uncle Sam's Hi Fiber Cereal 88.3

Fish moochim (Korean style), dried fish with soy sauce 84.2

Chicken liver, braised 81.7

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This is a unique food list: Selenium content of foods sorted from high to low!
Selenium value (in microgram) is per 100 grams of food weight. To find selenium content for other foods, please use our superbly convenient online searchable selenium food database which lets you browse selenium values by food categories, search by food name, etc.