Saturated Fat Food Sources

Food Name Saturated Fat in g per 100g of food

Cottonseed oil 25.90

Alfredo sauce 25.77

Chocolate-flavored sprinkles 25.59

Coffee, dry instant powder, with whitener and low calorie sweetener 25.13

Butterscotch morsels 24.10

Topping, chocolate, hard coating 23.34

Pork, dehydrated, oriental style 23.06

Cream, heavy, fluid 23.03

Cream, heavy, whipped, unsweetened 23.03

Granola bar, with coconut, chocolate-coated 22.72

Bernaise sauce 22.36

Cheese, cream 21.97

Dietetic or low calorie candy, chocolate covered 21.91

Whipped topping, nondairy 21.78

Whipped topping, nondairy, frozen 21.78

Cream, heavy, whipped, sweetened 21.67

Fresh corn custard, Puerto Rican style (Mazamorra, Mundo Nuevo) 21.31

Coconut milk (liquid expressed from grated coconut meat, water added) 21.14

Cheese, natural, Cheddar or American type 21.09

Cheese, Cheddar or Colby, low sodium 20.77

Honey butter 20.60

Coconut candy, chocolate covered 20.58

Cheese, Colby 20.22

Chocolate, sweet or dark 20.08

Shortening, NS as to vegetable or animal 20.07

Shortening, vegetable 20.07

Cornstarch coconut dessert, Puerto Rican style (Tembleque) 19.96

Cheese, goat 19.95

Cheese, processed, American and Swiss blends 19.69

Cheese, processed, with vegetables 19.66

Cheese, processed, American or Cheddar type, low sodium 19.65

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Saturated Fat value (in grams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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