Saturated Fat Food Sources

Food Name Saturated Fat in g per 100g of food

Cheese sandwich, hoagie 9.45

Chitterlings, cooked 9.44

Flaxseed oil 9.40

Frankfurter or hot dog, meat and poultry 9.40

Chiles rellenos, cheese-filled (stuffed chili peppers) 9.40

Cracker, cheese 9.37

Pickled sausage 9.33

Dip, cheese with chili pepper (chili con queso) 9.32

Liverwurst 9.31

Bologna ring, smoked 9.30

Bologna 9.30

Corn and canola oil 9.30

Cookies, Puerto Rican (Mantecaditos polvorones) 9.28

Egg, cheese, and ham on biscuit 9.21

Cashew nuts, dry roasted 9.16

Yogurt, frozen, carob-coated 9.15

Pork sausage, fresh, bulk, patty or link, cooked 9.13

Sausage (not cold cut) 9.13

Pork sausage, brown and serve, cooked 9.13

Pork sausage, country style, fresh, cooked 9.13

Milk 'n Cereal bar 9.11

Walnut oil 9.10

Mixed nuts, roasted, without peanuts 9.09

Cornmeal bread, Dominican style (Arepa Dominicana) 9.06

Shrimp chips (tapioca base) 9.06

Veal Marsala 8.96

Ham and pork, luncheon meat, chopped, minced, pressed, spiced, canned 8.96

Tongue pot roast, Puerto Rican style (Lengua al caldero) 8.95

Ice cream pie, no crust 8.90

TWIX Cookie Bars 8.90

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Saturated Fat value (in grams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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