Saturated Fat Food Sources

Top 400 Foods Highest in Saturated Fat

Food Name Saturated Fat in g per 100g of food

Coconut oil 86.50

Ghee, clarified butter 61.92

Lemon-butter sauce 52.83

Butter, stick, salted 51.37

Butter 51.37

Butter, whipped, stick, unsalted 51.37

Butter, stick, unsalted 51.37

Butter, whipped, stick, salted 51.37

Butter, whipped, tub, unsalted 51.37

Butter, whipped, tub, salted 50.49

Lard 39.20

Shortening, animal 39.20

Animal fat or drippings 35.58

Light butter, whipped, tub, salted 34.32

Light butter, stick, unsalted 34.32

Light butter, stick, salted 34.32

Butter-margarine blend, stick, salted 33.08

Cream substitute, powdered 32.53

Fat back, cooked 31.44

Coconut meat, fresh 29.70

Carob chips 29.02

Plantain chips 28.97

Coconut meat, dried, sweetened 28.51

Butter-vegetable oil blend 28.44

Butter-margarine blend, tub, salted 28.44

Cheese, Cheddar or American type, dry, grated 27.68

Salt pork, cooked 27.11

Butter-margarine blend, stick, unsalted 26.90

Hollandaise sauce 26.04

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Saturated Fat value (in grams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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