Protein Food Sources

Top 400 Protein Food Sources

Food Name Protein in g per 100g of food

Cod, dried, salted 62.82

Fish, dried 62.82

Pork skin, rinds, deep-fried 61.30

Squid, dried 59.06

Octopus, dried 56.52

Protein diet powder with soy and casein 56.40

Protein supplement, powdered 56.40

Nutrient supplement, milk-based, high protein, powdered, not reconstituted 55.60

Shrimp, dried 51.70

Snails, steamed or poached 47.28

Textured vegetable protein, dry 47.01

Herring, dried, salted 45.52

Flounder, smoked 45.28

Algae, dried 44.66

Cheese, Parmesan, low sodium 41.60

Parmesan cheese topping, fat free 40.00

Cheese, Parmesan, dry grated 38.46

Yeast 38.30

Fish moochim (Korean style), dried fish with soy sauce 37.52

Pork, cracklings, cooked 37.04

Bacon or side pork, fresh, cooked 37.04

Pork bacon, NS as to fresh, smoked or cured, cooked 37.04

Pork bacon, smoked or cured, lower sodium 37.04

Trout, smoked 37.04

Bacon, cooked 37.04

Pork bacon, smoked or cured, cooked 37.04

Venison/deer ribs, cooked 36.08

Venison/deer, stewed 36.08

Venison/deer, roasted 36.08

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Protein value (in grams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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