POTASSIUM Food Sources - Top 400 Potassium-Rich Foods

Food Name Potassium in mg per 100g of food

White potato, chips, reduced fat 1744

White potato, chips, unsalted, reduced fat 1744

Milk, dry, not reconstituted, NS as to whole, lowfat, or nonfat 1705

Instant breakfast, powder, sweetened with low calorie sweetener, not reconstituted 1705

Milk, dry, nonfat, not reconstituted 1705

Papaya, dried 1702

Milk, dry, lowfat, not reconstituted 1688

Sweetpotatoes, Puerto Rican, fried 1665

White potato, chips 1642

White potato, chips, fat free 1628

Onion, dehydrated 1622

Buttermilk, dry, not reconstituted 1592

Dynatrim, meal replacement, powder 1590

Meal replacement, protein type, milk- and soy-based, powdered, not reconstituted 1573

Cocoa powder, not reconstituted (no dry milk) 1524

Banana flakes, dehydrated 1491

Rice bran, uncooked 1485

Rice polishings 1485

Soy nuts 1470

Molasses 1464

Cod, dried, salted 1458

Fish, dried 1458

Waffle, nut and honey 1447

Milk, dry, whole, not reconstituted 1330

Octopus, dried 1327

Banana chips 1317

Algae, dried 1304

White potato chips, fat free, made with Olean 1290

White potato, chips, unsalted 1275

Seaweed, dried 1244

White potato, sticks 1237

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POTASSIUM value (in milligrams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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