High PHOSPHORUS Food Source

Food Name Phosphorus in mg/100g of food

Cocoa powder with nonfat dry milk and low calorie sweetener, dry mix, not reconstituted 893

Cocoa, whey, and low-calorie sweetener mixture, not reconstituted 893

Milk beverage, powder, with nonfat dry milk and low calorie sweetener, dry mix, not reconstituted, 893

Protein diet powder with soy and casein 882

Protein supplement, powdered 882

Squid, dried 838

Protein supplement, milk-based, powdered, not reconstituted 836

Cheese, processed cheese product, American or Cheddar type, reduced fat 829

Cheese, processed, American or Cheddar type, lowfat 827

Cheese, processed, Swiss, lowfat 827

Bran and malted flour cereal (Includes: 100% Bran) 813

Cheese, Parmesan, low sodium 807

Protein powder 790

Milk, dry, whole, not reconstituted 776

Sesame seeds 774

Cheese, processed, Swiss 762

Cheese, processed, American or Cheddar type, low sodium 745

Cheese, processed, with vegetables 744

Oat bran, uncooked 734

Cocoa powder, not reconstituted (no dry milk) 734

Sesame paste (sesame butter made from whole seeds) 732

Sesame butter (tahini) (made from kernels) 732

Cheese, Parmesan, dry grated 729

Brazil nuts 725

Dip, cheese base other than cream cheese 712

Cheese spread 712

Cheese spread, American or Cheddar cheese base 712

Cheese spread, Swiss cheese base 712

Imitation cheese, American or cheddar type 712

Cheese spread, pressurized can 712

Gerber Graduates Finger Snacks Cereal, baby food 709

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This is a unique food list: Foods highest in phosphorus content sorted from high to low!
Phosphorus value (in milligrams) is per 100 grams of food weight. To find phosphorus content for many other foods, please use our superbly convenient online searchable phosphorus database which lets you browse phosphorus values by food categories, search by food name, etc.