MAGNESIUM Food Sources

Food Name Magnesium in mg / 100g of food

Meal replacement, high protein, milk based, fruit juice mixable formula, powdered, not reconstituted 321

Wheat germ, plain 320

Familia 317

Coffee, dry instant powder, decaffeinated 311

Coffee, decaffeinated, and chicory, dry instant powder 311

Snails, cooked 303

Almond butter 303

Roe, sturgeon 300

Nutrient supplement, milk-based, high protein, powdered, not reconstituted 296

Textured vegetable protein, dry 290

Dynatrim, meal replacement, powder 289

Almonds, dry roasted (assume salted) 286

Almonds, dry roasted, without salt 286

High protein bar, candy-like, soy and milk base 282

Bran and malted flour cereal (Includes: 100% Bran) 278

Almonds 275

Almonds, unroasted 275

Almonds, roasted 274

Cashew nuts 273

Cashew nuts, roasted, without salt 273

Cashew nuts, roasted (assume salted) 273

Wheat germ, with sugar and honey 272

Tea, powdered instant, unsweetened, dry 272

Papad (Indian appetizer), grilled or broiled 271

Cashew nuts, dry roasted 260

Cashew butter 258

Meal replacement, Amway's Nutrilite brand Positrim Drink Mix, powdered nonfat dry milk-based, dry, 256

not reconstituted

Pine nuts (Pignolias) 251

Mixed nuts, roasted, without peanuts 251

Sesame Crunch (Sahadi) 251

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