MAGNESIUM Food Sources

Magnesium Rich Foods

Food Name Magnesium in mg / 100g of food

Rice bran, uncooked 781

Rice polishings 781

Wheat bran, unprocessed 611

Pumpkin and/or squash seeds, hulled, unroasted 535

Pumpkin and/or squash seeds, hulled, roasted, salted 534

Pumpkin and/or squash seeds, hulled, roasted, without salt 534

Cocoa powder, not reconstituted (no dry milk) 499

Seaweed, dried 482

Meal replacement, protein type, milk- and soy-based, powdered, not reconstituted 449

Chives, dried or dehydrated 447

Mixed seeds 444

Soybean meal 429

Instant breakfast, powder, sweetened with low calorie sweetener, not reconstituted 410

Meal replacement or nutritional supplement, Cambridge diet formula, powdered, nonfat milk solids 398

base, dry, not recon- stituted

Flax seeds 392

Brazil nuts 376

Peanut butter, vitamin and mineral fortified 362

All-Bran 362

Sunflower seeds, hulled, unroasted 354

Meal replacement, protein type, milk-based, powdered, not reconstituted 353

Sesame seeds, whole seed 351

Sesame seeds 346

All-Bran with Extra Fiber 340

Algae, dried 339

Coffee, dry instant powder, NS as to regular or decaffeinated 327

Coffee, dry instant powder, regular 327

Coffee, dry, acid neutralized 327

Coffee and chicory, dry instant powder 327

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