High Fiber Food List

Food Name Fiber in grams per 100g of food

Bran Flakes (formerly 40% Bran Flakes) 17.6

Complete Wheat Bran Flakes, Kellogg's (formerly 40% Bran Flakes) 17.5

Crunchy Corn Bran, Quaker 17.5

Textured vegetable protein, dry 17.5

Dynatrim, meal replacement, powder 17.3

Sesame seeds 16.9

Crispbread, rye, low sodium 16.5

Crispbread, rye, no added fat 16.5

Bread, multigrain, reduced calorie and/or high fiber 16.2

Oat bran, uncooked 15.4

Wheat germ, plain 15.1

Breakfast bar, date, with yogurt coating 15.0

Popcorn, air-popped (no butter or no oil added) 14.5

Bread, oat bran, reduced calorie and/or high fiber, toasted 14.3

Popcorn, popped in oil, lowfat, low sodium 14.2

Popcorn, popped in oil, lowfat 14.2

Fiber 7 Flakes, Health Valley 14.1

Shredded wheat and bran cereal (Includes: Shredded Wheat'N Bran) 13.4

Bread, wheat or cracked wheat, reduced calorie and/or high fiber, toasted 13.2

Bread, rye, reduced calorie and/or high fiber, toasted 13.2

Oriental party mix, with peanuts, sesame sticks, chili rice crackers and fried green peas 13.2

Oat Bran Flakes, Health Valley 13.0

Bran Chex 13.0

Multi Bran Chex 13.0

Falafil 13.0

Cracker, 100% whole wheat, reduced fat 13.0

Complete Oat Bran Flakes, Kellogg's (formerly Common Sense Oat Bran, plain) 13.0

Cracklin' Oat Bran 12.7

Tomatoes, red, dried 12.3

Flour, whole wheat 12.2

Whole wheat cereal with apples, baby food, dry, instant 12.2

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This is a unique food list: Fiber content of foods sorted from high to low!
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