The 100 Fattiest Food in World

Food Name Fat content in g per 100g of food

Blue or roquefort cheese dressing 52

Margarine-like spread, tub, sweetened 52

Mixed nuts, dry roasted 51

Tartar sauce 51

Sunflower seeds, hulled, roasted, salted 51

Sunflower seeds, hulled, roasted, without salt 51

Peanut butter, vitamin and mineral fortified 51

Almonds 51

Almonds, unroasted 51

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This is a unique food list: The top 100 foods highest in Fat!
Fat value (in g) is per 100 grams of food weight. To find fat content for other foods, please use our superbly convenient online searchable nutrient databases which lets you browse fat values by food categories, search by food name, etc.