Foods Highest in Cholesterol

Food Name Cholesterol in mg per 100g of food

Brains, cooked 3074

Breaded brains, Puerto Rican style (Sesos rebosados) 1766

Egg, yolk only, raw 1234

Egg, yolk only, cooked 1229

Goat head, cooked 1069

Squid, dried 883

Duck egg, cooked 880

Goose egg, cooked 849

Quail egg, canned 836

Kidney, cooked 710

Shrimp, dried 638

Roe, sturgeon 588

Chicken liver, braised 558

Chicken liver, fried 550

Egg, whole, fried without fat 477

Shrimp-egg patty (Torta de Cameron seco) 476

Egg, whole, baked, fat not added in cooking 468

Egg, whole, fried 456

Hollandaise sauce 435

Egg, whole, baked, fat added in cooking 428

Egg, whole, baked 428

Roe, shad, cooked 427

Egg, whole, raw 423

Egg, whole, boiled 422

Egg, whole, pickled 422

Egg, whole, poached 421

Egg, whole, cooked 408

Beef liver, braised 393

Liver paste or pate, chicken 391

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