Food Name Carbohydrate in g per 100g of food

Cornstarch, dry 91.3

Apple Jacks 91.0

Malt-O-Meal Frosted Flakes 90.9

Sugar, maple 90.9

Puffed wheat cereal, presweetened (Includes: Golden Crisp, formerly called Super Golden Crisp) 90.9

Skittles 90.6

Gelatin powder, sweetened, dry 90.5

Butterscotch hard candy 90.4

Frosted corn flakes 90.3

Frosted Flakes, Kellogg 90.3

Cocoa (or chocolate) flavored beverage powder with sugar, dry mix, not reconstituted 90.3

Popcorn, sugar syrup or caramel-coated, fat free 90.1

Frankenberry 90.0

Character cereals, TV or movie, General Mills 90.0

Corn Pops 90.0

Booberry 90.0

Sucralose-based sweetener, sugar substitute 90.0

Wheat, puffed, presweetened with sugar 90.0

Malt-O-Meal Coco-Roos 89.5

Sugar substitute, saccharin-based, dry powder and tablets 89.1

Brown sugar replacement, saccharin-based, dry powder 89.1

Sugar replacement, saccharin-based, dry powder 89.1

Sugar substitute, low-calorie, powdered 89.1

Sugar substitute, aspartame-based, dry powder 89.1

Smacks, Kellogg's (formerly Honey Smacks) 89.0

Butter replacement, fat-free powder 89.0

Malt-O-Meal Golden Puffs (formerly Sugar Puffs) 89.0

Frosted Rice Krispies 89.0

Trix 89.0

Frosted rice 89.0

Puffed corn and oat cereal 88.9

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This is a unique food list: The top 400 foods highest in CARBOHYDRATE! Not for low carb diet.
CARBOHYDRATE value (in grams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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