CALCIUM Food Sources - Top 400 Calcium-Rich Foods

Top 400 Calcium Food Sources

Food Name Calcium in mg per 100g of food

Total 3680

Total Corn Flakes 3333

Milk, malted, dry mix, fortified, not reconstituted, chocolate 1881

Chocolate, instant, dry mix, fortified with vitamins and minerals, not reconstituted 1881

Raisin Bran, Total 1818

Protein diet powder with soy and casein 1764

Cocoa, whey, and low calorie sweetener, fortified, dry mix, not reconstituted 1440

Milk beverage, powder, with nonfat dry milk and low calorie sweetener, dry mix, not reconstituted, 1412


Cheese, Parmesan, low sodium 1376

Meal replacement, high protein, milk based, fruit juice mixable formula, powdered, not reconstituted 1282

Milk, dry, nonfat, not reconstituted 1231

Milk, dry, not reconstituted, NS as to whole, lowfat, or nonfat 1231

Milk, dry, lowfat, not reconstituted 1219

Buttermilk, dry, not reconstituted 1184

Cheese, Parmesan, hard 1184

Golden Grahams 1167

Meal replacement, protein type, milk- and soy-based, powdered, not reconstituted 1124

Cheese, Parmesan, dry grated 1109

Harmony cereal, General Mills 1091

Fruit-flavored beverage, dry concentrate, low calorie, not reconstituted 1047

Cheese, Gruyere 1011

Meal replacement or nutritional supplement, Cambridge diet formula, powdered, nonfat milk solids 994

base, dry, not recon- stituted

Chives, dried or dehydrated 979

Sesame seeds, whole seed 975

Cheese, Swiss, lowfat 961

Cheese, Mozzarella, nonfat or fat free 961

Cheese, Swiss, low sodium 961

Cheese, Cheddar or American type, dry, grated 946

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CALCIUM value (in milligrams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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