CAFFEINE Content in Foods and Drinks

Food Name Caffeine in mg per 100g of food

Toblerone, milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat 17

Cookie, brownie, fat free, without icing 17

Coconut candy, chocolate covered 17

Cookie, chocolate chip 16

Topping, milk chocolate with cereal 16

Chocolate, milk, with nuts, not almond or peanuts 16

Rice soup, made with tea 16

Tea, presweetened 16

Tea, presweetened with sugar 16

Soft drink, fruit flavored, caffeine containing 15

Coffee, made from powdered instant mix, with whitener and low calorie sweetener 15

Soft drink, fruit flavored, caffeine containing, sugar-free 15

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This is a unique food list: The top 100 foods highest in CAFFEINE content!
CAFFEINE value (in milligrams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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