CAFFEINE Content in Foods and Drinks

Food Name Caffeine in mg per 100g of food

Milk, malted, dry mix, unfortified, not reconstituted, chocolate 37

Coffee, Mexican, regular, sweetened (no milk; not cafe con leche) 37

Coffee, Cuban 37

Coffee, Turkish 36

Cocoa, whey, and low calorie sweetener, fortified, dry mix, not reconstituted 34

Coffee, NS as to type 34

Energy drink 30

Chicory 30

Frappuccino, regular 30

Red Bull Energy Drink 30

Coffee, made from powdered instant, regular 29

Coffee, acid neutralized, from powdered instant 29

Coffee and chicory, made from powdered instant 29

Coffee, regular, with cereal 29

Coffee and chicory, NS as to ground or instant 29

Cookie, chocolate, made with rice cereal 29

Coffee, presweetened with sugar 28

Chocolate, instant, dry mix, fortified with vitamins and minerals, not reconstituted 28

Milk, malted, dry mix, fortified, not reconstituted, chocolate 28

Coffee, made from powdered instant mix, presweetened, no whitener 28

Coffee, pre-lightened, no sugar 28

Coffee, presweetened with sugar, pre-lightened 27

Soft drink, cola-type, with higher caffeine 27

Ice cream bar or stick, rich chocolate ice cream, thick chocolate covering 27

100 GRAND Bar 26

Irish Coffee 26

Instant breakfast, powder, not reconstituted 25

Nutrient supplement, milk-based, high protein, powdered, not reconstituted 25

Cocoa (or chocolate) flavored beverage powder with sugar, dry mix, not reconstituted 25

Raisins, chocolate covered 25

Milk chocolate candy, with fruit and nuts 24

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CAFFEINE value (in milligrams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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