CAFFEINE Content in Foods and Drinks

Top 100 Foods with Highest Caffeine

Food Name Caffeine in mg per 100g of food

Tea, powdered instant, unsweetened, dry 3680

Coffee, dry instant powder, regular 3142

Coffee, dry instant powder, NS as to regular or decaffeinated 3142

Coffee, dry, acid neutralized 3142

Coffee and chicory, dry instant powder 3142

Espresso coffee beans, chocolate-covered 800

Coffee, liquid concentrate 628

Tea, powdered instant, sweetened, dry 529

Coffee, dry instant powder, with whitener and sugar 274

Cocoa powder, not reconstituted (no dry milk) 230

Coffee and cocoa (mocha) mix, dry instant powder with whitener and low calorie sweetener 218

Coffee, espresso 212

Coffee and cocoa (mocha) mix, dry instant powder with whitener, presweetened 191

Coffee, dry instant powder, decaffeinated 122

Coffee, decaffeinated, and chicory, dry instant powder 122

Coffee, latte 76

Chocolate, sweet or dark 66

Chocolate, semi-sweet morsel 62

Coffee, mocha 58

Instant breakfast, powder, sweetened with low calorie sweetener, not reconstituted 52

Topping, chocolate, hard coating 51

Crackers, graham, chocolate covered 46

Gravy, redeye 41

Coffee, made from ground, regular 40

Coffee, Mexican, regular, unsweetened (no milk; not cafe con leche) 40

Coffee, made from ground, regular, flavored 40

Coffee and chicory, made from ground 40

Tiramisu 39

Coffee, regular 39

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CAFFEINE value (in milligrams) is per 100 grams of food weight.
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